You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hey
You: hello
Stranger: m/f?
You: f
You: u?
Stranger: m
Stranger: :)
You: nice
Stranger: age?
You: so where are you from?
You: 16
You: u?
Stranger: denmark
Stranger: u
Stranger: im 20
You: and im from finland
You: nice
You: you are bit too old to me -.-
Stranger: hi nordic neighboor
You: hello :D
You: so, what's up?
Stranger: I look young :)
You: oh, then :D
Stranger: what are you looking for?
You: some fun company
You: i'm bored, nothing to do..
You: :(
Stranger: I am fun ;)
You: oh yeah
Stranger: what kind of fun do you like?
You: do u have some special things that u do and they are normal?
You: i mean are not norma
You: normal
Stranger: Im into sports... regular guy I guess
You: nice
You: i have one bad habit
Stranger: which is?
You: or its not bad
You: but.. i like dogfood
Stranger: lol
You: that's kinda weird?
Stranger: thats crazy
You: yea
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: what type?
You: it just tastes so good, maybe becouse fat so much?
You: my weight is 51 kg and i am not even fat
Stranger: :)
You: but still eatin' dogfood
Stranger: do you look sexy? :)
You: well, guys in my school say that to me always every day
You: so... maybe
You: i don't know
Stranger: ;)
Stranger: do you have msn?
You: yes, but my computer is #(#&"&"! my msn doesn't woek
You: work*
You: :(
Stranger: damn
You: ye
Stranger: mine is urmull@hotmail.com
Stranger: you can add me if you want to chat there
You: i add u when my msn works :)
Stranger: ok
Stranger: I have a pic there
You: nice
Stranger: also webcam
You: i have pics too, in facebook
Stranger: ok
Stranger: I dont have fb
Stranger: whats your fb site?
You: just write ''Tarja Halonen'' on the search field
Stranger: ok
You: i have almost nude pics ;)
Stranger: nice
You: strings, thongs, little panties
You: everything nice and SEXY ;)
You: just for boys, i like to entertain you, i mean guys ;)
You: how many times u had sex ?
Stranger: many times
Stranger: and you?
You: sooo many times
You: i just love hardcore anal fetish
You: it's amazing, black 12 inches long cock straight to my ass !
You: wonderful
You: want to lick my pussy or something?
Stranger: Id love to
Stranger: want to see my dick on webcam?
You: sure
You: how long?
Stranger: its very nice
You: but, how long?
Stranger: 20 cm +
You: nice
You: i have 5 cm, in erection ;) and if i ejeculate some sperm my dick will go smaller :D like something 2 and a half :(
You: thats cool
You: but hey
You: i must go now, i add u later ;)
You: see ya honey *kisses*
Stranger: Im on msn for further chat
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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Tarja Halonen ja "I'm on msn for further chat" +1
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@nakki12 sanoi:
Tarja Halonen :D

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ei hemmetti :DDD
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You: just write ''Tarja Halonen'' on the search field
total reps :DDDD
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