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Not really.

"Went down to the local drug store Half the pills was all I could afford
and in the end, I only felt good half the time.
Feeling all good all the time is more than a bore, it’s a lie. When you got no lows you got no highs
No hellos, no goodbyes..."

Well for this experiment I am writing about writing. More exactly writing a drabble about drabbles. Experiment is still apt a word for no else will do for now, probably never. That reminds me to remove the title as that is not counted in the hundred words. Short and sweet it should be, but still invoke a sense of completeness. To go for a novel's worth of meaning with as much brevity as artistically possible. To spawn a seed so large that it will envelop the room and contain within the world with all its wondrous odors and noise.

I'm wiping my eyes with the bones of my mirth,

And see more clearly ZAmtiMes

Pigs for mAchine

johNny truNON,


mythos revolves in Mu fevered



Ilmeeni ◕ ◡ ◕

"hyvä sun on paugudella hensgeleidä keskus blowjobberilla ;___;"
- DiluutiO

"eevillin pippeli :)"
- alchemilla1

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